I'm A Mod by pepsi_boyfriend

MOD POST: Spam / overview of things

(Forgive me if the letter a comes up missing alot...my mother's laptop is off like that)

I was kindly alerted that spam was posted here, but by the time I went to view the post the journal was already suspended and there ws nothing for me to do. However, if it happens gain, feel free to PM me and I will tke care of it.

This hs been a pretty trouble free community in ll the years it's been running, and that's because you guys use common sense when you post. This is community for you to post icons to see if you can find out who made them, because most icon mkers love to be credited. I won't tolerte posts that deviate from that. If you do it, and another member of the community alerts me, expect to be banned with no reason given. I'm not normlly this strict at my other communities, but this community serves only one purpose, and I expect everyone here to use it for its intended use.

But anyway, I hope that this community continues to be low maintenance and used for the benefit of everyone here in trcking down mkers (which reminds me, I hve a couple sitting on my userpics tht need credit, so expect a post t some point soon). THanks everyone!