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whomadethisicon's Journal

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Icon Lost & Found
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Welcome to the Icon Lost & Found! Have icons sitting on your computer or on your account that you have no clue who created them? Want to find out to give credit? This is the place!

I encourage icon makers to join as well so they can spot icons being used that they made.

This is also a place to post addresses to icon quizzes so that icon makers on the list can (a) see what quizzes their icons are being used at and (b) they can contact the quiz makers to see what can be done about giving credit.

Please pimp this as much as possible!


- No spamming. This is only to list icons you don't know the makers of and icon quiz addresses. Occasionally there will be mod posts on other related subjects.
- No flaming. If you see an icon up that you didn't want shared, be polite when asking the user to take it down. If you flame, you're gone.
- How to make a post: save the icons in question to a server of your own (Photobucket and Image Shack are good ones) and then upload the images in a post. Use the < img src > tag so that we can see the image. Number each icon for easier identification. If you have more than three put them behind an LJ cut. And then wait for someone to tell you who made the icon.
- Also, since there is a lot of icon theft, you can post where your icons are being stolen to. I DO NOT, however, want people encouraging going to the person's journal/site and flaming them. Those posts are to be purely informational (i.e., "My name is --- and I've made icons that are being passed off by --- as their own and they're being posted at ---") so that people can look and see if their icons have been stolen as well. Please keep these posts to a minimum and if I see a war erupt over it I'll no longer allow posts about it.
- Any problems, contact afteriwake before contacting any co-mods, since this is my community.
- Posts are open and unmoderated.
- If at all possible, when you've identified who made an icon, go back and list the maker next to the icon so that others will know.

OWNER: afteriwake
CO-MODS: munin

AFFILIATES: icon_swapmeet

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